Shifting Currents, Shaping Mind: Neuroplasticity + Taoism by Dana Leigh Lyons

Shifting Currents, Shaping Mind: Neuroplasticity + Taoism

Did you know your brain is plastic?

Not that kind of plastic! (Though the way things are going…)

Neuroscientists have proven that our brains are always changing. They are, in effect, plastic until the day we die. “Neuroplasticity” encompasses not just function, but the very structure of our B spot. (What? You don't know about the B spot?)

Our brains — along with the rest of us — are literally shaped by our external environment, internal states, thoughts and emotions. Turns out mind-body-spirit isn't just a hashtag. Our brains truly are embodied!

And yet, this story long predated neuroplasticians.

It has simply acquired new details and new names. At least as far back as the 5th century B.C.E., Taoist philosophers already had our plasticity figured out. Like today’s neuroplasticians, these ancient Chinese visionaries saw beyond rigid constructs and dated paradigms. They recognized continual, cyclical change as the Way, or Tao, of the Universe and ourselves. #teamsage 

Know what this means in clinic? (It’s really cool.)

For all the elusiveness of Taoist philosophy and the complexities of the neuroplastic paradigm, both embrace meaningful, accessible application.  By being conscious of the brain’s plasticity, we practitioners get an enriched understanding of the therapeutic relationship and the patient’s potential. This holds true not only in relation to ancient Taoist principles, but also cutting-edge discoveries in neuroplasticity and epigenetics.

Alone, each offers strong support for health and healing. Together, they are all the more powerful. 
Alchemical, even.

Get ready to...

  • Understand core concepts in neuroplasticity research, practice and knowledge
  • Explore core concepts in Taoism — including how they apply in clinic
  • Geek out over the overlap, resonance and synergy between Taoism and neuroplasticity
  • Explore how shen 神 and jing 精 offer one way to conceptualize epigenetics and the indivisibility of “pre- and post-Heaven”
  • Learn how cutting-edge neuroscience can enrich a Taoism-inspired approach to Chinese Medicine, encompassing acupuncture as well as the patient-practitioner relationship
  • Earn 4 NCCAOM-approved PDA points or CTCMA CEU hours

What's included...

Over the course of 3 self-guided modules plus an audio lesson, we'll explore neuroscience and epigenetics within the sphere of Taoism-inspired Chinese Medicine.
  • Each module opens with core concepts in neuroplasticity and epigenetics research, practice and knowledge. 
  • Next comes discussion of parallel concepts in Taoism, highlighting areas of overlap, resonance and synergy. 
  • Last, we explore how the merger of edgy science and ancient wisdom informs and enriches Taoism-inspired practice, shifting from abstraction to application. 

In sum, we’ll be weaving a story of synergy between leading-edge neuroscience and long-ago wisdom — both in theory and in clinic. Now we're talking Wizard Stuff! Yeeeaaaahhh!

It will meld your mind...and tickle your B spot.

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Approved for 4 PDA points with NCCAOM

You can also earn CEU hours with CTCMA in British Columbia, Canada. If you are elsewhere, please check with your licensing body to see whether you can earn continuing ed credit through this kit.

What's included?

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Introduction: Parallels + Possibilities
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Audio Lesson
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Module 1: Change
Module 1: Change
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Module 2: Relationship
Module 2: Relationship
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Module 3: Process
Module 3: Process
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Module 3 Highlight Reel
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Conclusion: Simplicity + Synergy
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