Eating Addiction: 3 Circles, 5 Healing Steps by Dana Leigh Lyons

Eating Addiction: 3 Circles, 5 Healing Steps

Recover your true, shining self.

When I work with clients on changing their relationship with food, one place of tender, mindful exploration touches the root of unhelpful patterns.

At the root, for most of us, there's some sort of trauma, abuse, heartbreak or loss. Something that changed us. Changed how we see the world. Changed how we see ourselves.

This may surface as an addiction...or could "just" fall on the spectrum of habit and a "bad cycle" on repeat. It may relate to food...or other areas of our lives. (Usually, it relates to everything!)

This ebook explores the "why" of unhelpful eating + lifestyle patterns. It also offers hope through 5 healing steps.

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