Remember Meridians + Points? Waaaay back when your Chinese Medicine studies began? Well, this course offers a refresher + reboot, covering the basics while weaving in fun extras and levelling up your understanding of core knowledge. might be your first go at Acupuncture studies. Yay! Excited for you! This course is self-guided, with forever access to downloadable content.

Topics include:
  • An overview of the Jing-Luo channel, or meridian, system
  • Characteristics, functions and components of the Jing-Luo system
  • Meridian pathways and associated channel pathways (divergent channels, collaterals, sinew channels, skin zones)
  • Anatomy and acupuncture point location
  • Special groupings of acupuncture points and their uses
  • Acupuncture points on the 12 Regular Meridians, covering name (and number), location, point groupings, special characteristics, and clinical applications
  • The 8 Extraordinary Meridians, including pathways and clinical applications
  • Acupuncture points on the Du (Governing) and Ren (Conception) Channels
  • Extra points
  • An introduction to Advanced Meridian Studies

Meridians + Points: An Introduction to Acupuncture

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