Alchemist Sobriety Deep Dive by Dana Leigh Lyons

Alchemist Sobriety Deep Dive

Let's dive in.

The Deep Dive jumps into the work of unraveling unhelpful mindsets and patterns. This intensive offers mindfulness-based and practical steps for making your body your ally. It will:

  • Explore how your relationship with alcohol, food, or other substances or patterns impacts your body, mind, emotions, behaviours and relationships
  • Guide you in healing your connection with self and others
  • Help you get to the root of unhelpful patterns and live a more intuitive, more expansive life
The Deep Dive is perfect for exploring alcohol addiction, grey area drinking, overeating, emotional eating, eating disorders, eating addiction, and addiction to other substances or behaviours. 

What's included

In this reflective and confidential online form, you tell me about your:
  • Goals and challenges
  • Past and current eating and drinking patterns
  • Lifestyle and health conditions

We dive in with two 60-minute coaching calls, including:
  • Guided meditation
  • Targeted coaching
  • Actionable takeaways

This customized plan of your next healing steps is a recovery protocol tailored just for you, including:
  • Your principle-based plan 
  • Reflective exercises
  • Practical action steps

If you live in the United States, I may prescribe herbal medicines and supplements. This can be an excellent support when repairing and nourishing body and mind, easing anxiety, and reducing cravings. (The cost of these is not included in the package price, but I'll work with you to fit your budget.)

  • $150 value
  • Life Design Workbook
  • Sobriety Look Book
  • Boundary Booklet
  • Book of Firsts
  • Anxiety Toolbox
  • Daily Routine sheets
  • Recovery + Remembrance prompts
  • Eating + Recovery module
  • Pocket Protector intentions and mantras
  • Recovery Piggy Bank
  • Little Black Book of resources

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I'm in another recovery or aftercare program. Is the Deep Dive for me?

Yes! This intensive can supplement and complement other recovery and sobriety work. Depending on what you most need, we might also explore aspects missing from other programs, including deep-rooted patterns + beliefs, eating + recovery, food as medicine, emotional sobriety, relationships in recovery, lifestyle design, and holistic health (just to name a few!). 

I attend AA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, AC.E/TSS or other meetings. Is the Deep Dive for me?

Yes! Again, this intensive is designed to supplement and complement other recovery and sobriety work. We'll explore issues often missing from other programs. You'll also learn practices you can do at home, with an emphasis on crafting a life you love (not "just" staying sober).

I'm sober curious or just exploring sobriety. Is this for me?

Yes! The Deep Dive is a beautiful, powerful way to explore habits and patterns...and to move towards healthy, supportive choices + life design. We may also address unhelpful eating patterns (such as sugar addiction, overeating, emotional eating, and eating disorders), relationship issues (boundaries, for instance), and intentional living. This holistic work encompasses body, mind and spirit. It will support your exploration of sobriety, whatever path you ultimately choose.

I've been sober for a while. Is this for me?

Yes! There's always another layer or place to explore in sobriety and,! The Deep Dive delves into body, mind and spirit work. It also offers support for designing a life you love...and addresses things that may have been put on the back burner while focusing on getting sober.

I'm not sober...but this sounds perfect for me! Is it?

Could be! The Deep Dive is a fit for anyone eager to explore habits + patterns, feel healthier, and design a life they love. We'll focus on what you most need. Plus, as humans, we're all recovering from something.

I'm struggling with alcohol. Will this help me get and stay sober?

So glad you're here! Huge shoutout in recognition, from my heart. The Deep Dive can absolutely help you get and stay sober. That said, it is NOT focused on the work of giving up alcohol. It's more about what comes after (or alongside) that process. It will likely make the rest way easier. 

Is the Deep Dive a replacement for therapy, medical treatment, or long-term one-on-one work?

No. But it will absolutely enrich and complement them. If you are working with a health condition, please see a licensed health practitioner. If you'd like to make an individual appointment with me, as a licensed Doctor of Chinese Medicine, email: Also check out the 90-day Coaching Package for longer-term support.

Some people choose to jump right into the Coaching Package...or to do the Deep Dive first, then coaching. Others use the Deep Dive as a one-off or periodic intensive, without signing on for longer work. The process that fits you is the best one!

I don't identify as a woman. Is this still for me?

Huge yes. You are 1000 percent welcome here. This also goes for anyone who's working their sobriety their own way. As someone who identifies as queer, I cannot state my commitment to inclusivity strongly enough. All people and all shades of sober are welcome!

How do the sessions work?

After purchasing your Deep Dive, we'll schedule two 60-minute sessions. Generally, these are a week apart, giving you time for "homework" and reflection in between. I'll also send you a link to an online assessment to complete beforehand. This will help you and I know how to focus our time.

After your second session, I'll send you a personalized Plan of Your Next Steps. This includes reflective exercises as well as practical action steps. It will also list herbal or supplement recommendations, if you are interested in that aspect and live in the United States. (I can have herbs and supplements drop-shipped to you directly.)

You also get the entire Sobriety Kit + Recovery Journal at sign-up. This offers plenty of extra work (and play!) to do on your own.

Do you offer refunds if the Deep Dive doesn't meet my expectations?

If, after the first 60-minute session, you are unsatisfied and do not wish to complete your Deep Dive, you may cancel within 24 hours. I will refund you $100, and you will forfeit the second session as well as the Plan of Your Next Steps. You may keep the Sobriety Kit + Recovery Journal, compliments of Alchemist Academy.

I'm in! Where do I sign up?

Click the button up top, righthand corner! After purchase, you can expect a personal Welcome + Next Steps email within 24 hours (often much sooner). Looking forward to meeting you!