In the Beginning: Chinese Medicine Foundations by Dana Leigh Lyons

In the Beginning: Chinese Medicine Foundations

Learn Chinese Medicine!

Hello! I created this online offering while teaching Chinese Medicine Foundations at Pacific Rim College.

It includes the full college-level curriculum but is entirely self-guided, letting you go at your own pace and review as needed.

You'll have forever access to all content, which is also downloadable for study on the go.

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What's included?

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About This Course
***How It Works***
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Disclaimer + CYA Policy
In the Beginning...
All About Yin-Yang 阴阳
30 mins
Yin-Yang: Textbook Style
151 KB
Yin-Yang: Old School Style
147 KB
Dynamic Equilibrium
69.9 KB
Constitutional Types
(1h 07m 42s)
Yin-Yang Quiz
Wu Xing: The 5 Phases
Introducing the 5 Phases 五行
26 mins
Introducing the 5 Phases 五行
115 KB
The 5 Phases Quiz
Zang Xiang: Organs + Essential Substances
Inside Outside – Introducing Zang Xiang 脏相
152 KB
It's All About Relationship – Introducing Qi 气
5 mins
Qi Mapping 气
439 KB
Meet Fei 肺 – Introducing the Lung
25 mins
Lung 肺 Meets the Other Zang 脏
13 mins
Meet Da Chang 大肠 – Introducing the Large Intestine
7 mins
Meet Pi 脾 – Introducing the Spleen
38 mins
Spleen 脾 Meets the Other Zang 脏
11 mins
Meet Wei 胃 – Introducing the Stomach
6 mins
Meet Xin 心 – Introducing the Heart
19 mins
The Heart 心 Meets the Other Zang 脏
14 mins
Meet Xiao Chang – 小肠 Introducing the Small Intestine
6 mins
Meet Shen 肾 – Introducing the Kidneys
50 mins
The Kidneys 肾 Meet the Other Zang 脏
18 mins
Meet Pang Guang 膀胱 – Introducing the Urinary Bladder
3 mins
Meet Xin Bao 心包 – the Pericardium
10 mins
Meet San Jiao 三焦 – the Triple Burner
10 mins
Meet Gan 肝 – Introducing the Liver
26 mins
The Liver Meets the Other Zang 脏
8 mins
Meet Dan 胆 – the Gallbladder
8 mins
Meet the Jin-Ye Fluids 津液
5 mins
What Makes Us Sick
Introduction to Pathology 病因与发病
Exogenous Disease 外因
32 mins
Endogenous Disease 内因
27 mins
All. The. Feels: The 7 Emotions 七情
199 KB
Neither Endogenous Nor Exogenous 不内不外因
24 mins
Secondary Causes of Disease 痰饮瘀血
24 mins
How Disease Works
Introduction to Pathomechanisms 病机
Zheng Qi 正气 vs. Xie Qi 邪气
22 mins
Yin + Yang 阴阳 Disharmony
33 mins
Qi + Blood 气血 Disharmony
36 mins
Body Fluid 津液 Disharmony
23 mins
Internal Generation of 5 Pathogens 内生五邪
24 mins
Jing Luo: The Channel System
Overview of Foundational Texts
10 mins
Development + Components of the Jing-Luo System 经络学
31 mins
Overview of the Jing-Luo System
78.5 KB
Yang Sheng Fa: Nourishing Life Principles
Introduction to Yang Sheng Fa 养生法
9 mins
Seasonal Eating + Living ebook
7.13 MB
Seasonal Eating + Living audio
17 mins
Chinese Seasons + Transitions Date Chart
85.2 KB
An Introduction to Chinese Medicine Food Therapy
132 KB
Seasonal Food Suggestions
68.7 KB
5 Flavour Checklist
69.9 KB
Temperature Chart
133 KB
End-of-Course Worksheet + Quiz (required to receive NCCAOM PDA points)
52 KB
Foundations PDA Quiz
84.1 KB
Course Evaluation
73.4 KB