Body as Ally: Recovery Kit by Dana Leigh Lyons

Body as Ally: Recovery Kit

Your body is on your side.

I also get that it doesn't always feel that way. So, I created this kit as a doorway. One that will help you:

  • Reclaim your body as your ally
  • Shift unhelpful eating + lifestyle patterns
  • Step out of a "bad cycle" on repeat
  • Recover your true, shining self

If you want to...

  • Stop fighting yourself
  • Step out of painful, exhausting cycles
  • Feel lighter and more at home in your body
  • Explore the "why" of eating and lifestyle patterns
  • Eat and live in a way that's nourishing, intuitive and healing
  • Recover a more complete, more whole, more alive version of YOU
...then I created this kit with YOU in mind.

The Body as Ally Kit includes:

  • 3 Circles, 5 Healing Steps audio: In this audio lesson, I cover the “why” of unhelpful eating and lifestyle patterns from a holistic perspective and outline steps for recovering your true self.
  • Companion ebook: This ebook covers the basics of the audio lesson, so you can read along or revisit the material on your own.
  • Companion workbook: This workbook provides guided prompts and places to explore, helping you get to the root of your patterns around food, eating and lifestyle. 
  • Guided meditations and handouts: These audio files and accompanying handouts offer support in seeing, exploring, and shifting unhelpful patterns, habits and addictions. 

It's a fit if you:

  • Long to eat and live in a way that feels better...without so much obsessing and struggle
  • Want to explore why you "just keep doing what you do" when it comes to food and other choices (even when you keep learning what happens over and over...probably the hard way)
  • Are struggling with overeating, binge eating, sugar addiction, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, anorexia, bulimia, or orthorexia
  • Are struggling with an eating disorder or eating addiction and want holistic, compassionate, mindfulness-based support 
  • Are a healing practitioner or coach wanting to better understand + support people suffering from eating disorders, addictions or unhelpful patterns

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Approved for 4 PDA points with NCCAOM

You can also earn CEU hours with CTCMA in British Columbia, Canada. If you are elsewhere, please check with your licensing body to see whether you can earn continuing ed credit through this kit.