Alchemist Sobriety Kit + Recovery Journal by Dana Leigh Lyons

Alchemist Sobriety Kit + Recovery Journal

Hi, I'm Dana.

I created this kit to help women who are newly sober craft lives they love.

  • New to sobriety?
  • Struggling with food or sugar?
  • Want to feel healthier?
  • Want to make it easier?
  • Ready to feel at home in your body?
  • Ready to get excited about life?
You're in the right place! There is an easier, freer, more vibrant way. 

You've already done the hard part. Where are those unicorns + rainbows already?!

If you are...

  • New (or new-ish) to sobriety
  • Excited about mindful, holistic self-care
  • Seeking clear, doable steps for healthy eating + living 
  • Ready to craft a life you love!

...then I created this kit with YOU in mind.

It's a fit if you...

  • Feel bored, flat or uninspired in sobriety
  • Swapped alcohol for sugar, carbs, overeating, or emotional eating
  • Ditched the drink but are still battling other substances or patterns
  • Have an eating addiction or eating disorder
  • Have tried diets or “intuitive eating” without lasting success
  • Feel weighed down by mess + clutter
  • Feel overwhelmed by to-dos + busyness
  • Want to create new schedules + routines
  • Want to feel more energized, lighter + healthier
  • Want to feel at home in your body + your life
  • Are a health practitioner wanting to better support clients while earning 13 PDAs/CEUs

This kit includes...

  • Life Design Workbook: Design a life you love, encompassing body-mind-spirit. 
  • Sobriety Look Book: Create mood and vision boards for your new life.
  • Boundary Booklet: Explore how to create, renegotiate and uphold boundaries.
  • Book of Firsts: Track and celebrate your "firsts" in sobriety.
  • Anxiety Toolbox: Snag the tips + tools I use to survive pandemic pandemonium.
  • Daily Routine sheets: Plan out morning, evening and bedtime routines.
  • Recovery + Remembrance prompts: Practice with mindful, actionable prompts.
  • Eating + Recovery: Explore and change your relationship with food through an audio lesson, ebooks, workbook, guided meditations, and handouts.
  • Pocket Protector: Keep a pocket version of daily intentions and mantras nearby.
  • Recovery Piggy Bank: Keep track of the money you're saving by giving up booze.
  • Little Black Book: Mine this gem for quit lit, pods, and other stellar resources.
  • Practitioner Playbook: Use this supplement to better understand and support patients, clients or students in sobriety.

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I'm in another recovery or aftercare program. Is this kit for me?

Yes! This kit is meant to supplement and complement other recovery and sobriety work. It explores issues often missing from other programs, including eating + recovery, food as medicine, herbs + recovery, lifestyle design, and holistic health (just to name a few!). 

I attend AA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, AC.E/TSS, or other meetings. Is this kit for me?

Yes! Again, this kit is designed to supplement and complement other recovery and sobriety work. It explores issues often missing from other programs. It also provides things you can do at home, with an emphasis on crafting a life you love (not "just" staying sober).

I'm sober curious or just exploring sobriety. Is this kit for me?

Yes! This kit is a beautiful way to explore habits and patterns...and to move towards healthy, supportive choices + life design. It also addresses unhelpful eating patterns (such as sugar addiction, overeating, emotional eating, and eating disorders), relationship issues (boundaries, for instance), and intentional living. This holistic work encompasses body, mind and spirit. It will likely make exploring sobriety easier, more meaningful, and even fun.

I've been sober for a while. Is this kit for me?

Yes! There's always another layer or place to explore in sobriety and,! This kit encompasses body, mind and spirit work. It also offers support for designing a life you love...and addresses things that may have been put on the back burner while focusing on getting sober.

I'm not sober...but this kit sounds perfect for me! Is it?

Could be! So long as you're not bothered by mention of sobriety + recovery in the material, this kit is a fit for anyone eager to explore habits + patterns, feel healthier, and design a life they love. Most sections apply regardless of whether you're alcohol free, including those on crafting schedules, rituals and routines...eating to support brain health, skin and mood...and creating and upholding healthy boundaries. There's even an entire module on our relationship with food – I'm not sure there's anyone without some sort of issue there! Plus, as humans, we're all recovering from something.

I'm struggling with alcohol. Will this kit help me get and stay sober?

So glad you're here! Huge shoutout in recognition, from my heart. This kit can absolutely help you get and stay sober. That said, it is NOT focused on the work of giving up alcohol. It's more about what comes after (or alongside) that process. I hope you'll still join! It will make the rest way easier. 

Is this kit a replacement for therapy, medical treatment, or other one-on-one work?

No. But it will absolutely enrich and complement them. As with ALL content at Alchemist Academy, the material contained in this kit is for educational and self-development purposes only. It is NOT intended as a diagnosis or treatment recommendation...or a replacement for therapy or other one-on-one work.

If you are working with a health condition, please see a licensed health practitioner. If you'd like to make an individual appointment with me, as a licensed Doctor of Chinese Medicine, email: Also check out the Deep Dive and Coaching Package.

I don't identify as a woman. Is this kit still for me?

Huge yes. Please join. This kit reflects my personal experience with recovery and sobriety, and I did create it to support other women. That notwithstanding, you are 1000 percent welcome here. This also goes for anyone who's working their sobriety their own way. As someone who identifies as queer, I cannot state my commitment to inclusivity strongly enough. All people and all shades of sober are welcome!

I'm a licensed practitioner or teacher. Will this help me work with patients, clients or students?

YES! As wellness practitioners + guides, ongoing self-exploration makes us WAY better at helping others. These days, you're likely to encounter more and more patients, clients or students seeking support and understanding around alcohol use, addiction, eating disorders, other eating patterns, habit shifts, and holistic self-care. You can use this kit to better support them (and yourself!). There's even an entire section called "The Practitioner Playbook." 

I'm a licensed practitioner. How many PDA/CEUs will this get me?

This kit has been approved for 13 PDA points with NCCAOM in the United States. To earn those points, you'll need to complete and submit the worksheet and final quiz. If you are in British Columbia, Canada, you can also apply this kit for 13 CEUs with CTCMA (but do not have to submit the worksheet or quiz). If you are elsewhere, please check with your licensing body to see whether you can earn continuing ed credit through the kit.

I'm in! How do I get it?

Click the button up top, righthand corner! After purchase, you'll have access to all your goodies!

What's included?

Welcome Home.
Welcome! Read me first!!
School Supplies
Earn as You Learn: Alchemist Affiliate
Disclaimer + CYA Policy
Recovery Journal
Boundary Booklet
256 KB
Book of Firsts
162 KB
Daily Routine worksheets
42.6 KB
Reflection + Remembrance prompts
126 KB
Life Design + Look Book
Life Design Workbook
350 KB
Look Book Project
121 KB
Mood Board sample
1.32 MB
Magic + Wizardry Backpack
Anxiety Toolbox **C-19 Special**
139 KB
Sobriety Pocket Protector
77.2 KB
Recovery Piggy Bank
610 KB
Little Black Book of Recovery
166 KB
Eating + Recovery
3 Circles, 5 Healing Steps audio lesson
37 mins
3 Circles, 5 Healing Steps ebook
7.22 MB
3 Circles, 5 Healing Steps Workbook
197 KB
Sugar Addiction ebook
19.8 MB
Seeing the Cycle meditation
19 mins
Seeing the Cycle handout
98.5 KB
Laughing Heart meditation
11 mins
Laughing Heart handout
70.9 KB
Self-acceptance meditation
7 mins
Self-acceptance handout
71 KB
Practitioner Playbook
What's Included
The 7 Emotions + Therapeutic Tips
194 KB
The Cognitive Process + Perception
78.3 KB
Boundaries + Yin-Yang Wei Mai
173 KB
Emotional Guidance Scale + Manifest Destiny
110 KB
Practitioner Project: "The Office" Case Study
54.4 KB
Practitioner Project: Coming Clean
70.6 KB
Herbs that Nourish the Heart, Calm the Mind: Audio 1
7 mins
Herbs that Nourish the Heart, Calm the Mind: Audio 2
14 mins
End-of-Course Worksheet + Quiz (required to receive NCCAOM PDA points)
67.4 KB
PDA Quiz
66.9 KB
Course Evaluation
73.8 KB

Approved for 13 PDA points with NCCAOM

You can also earn CEU hours with CTCMA in British Columbia, Canada. If you are elsewhere, please check with your licensing body to see whether you can earn continuing ed credit through this kit.