90-Day Coaching Package

Craft your best life.

If you’re looking to level up your sobriety by eating + living in a way that's healthy, simple and supportive of your new life, this is for you.

The 90-Day Coaching Package includes personal coaching and mentorship to help you craft a life you love. As a coach and doctor, I offer a safe space for exploring eating, drinking and lifestyle patterns and stepping out of unhelpful cycles. This package will:

  • Help you eat and live in a way that’s healthy and uncomplicated
  • Support you in sticking to do-able, sustainable routines
  • Provide a holistic, intuitive approach to changing your relationship with food and alcohol
  • Offer caring accountability with compassion and without judgement

What's included

In this reflective and confidential online form, you tell me about your:
  • Goals and challenges
  • Past and current eating and drinking patterns
  • Lifestyle and health conditions

We dive in with a 45-minute launch session, covering your:  
  • Health history
  • Eating and lifestyle patterns
  • Personal goals
  • Actionable takeaways

This customized plan of your next healing steps is a protocol tailored just for you, including:
  • Your principle-based plan 
  • Reflective exercises
  • Practical action steps

Each month, we meet for a 30-minute coaching call. This is a chance to celebrate successes, track progress, and target any areas of struggle or challenge.

Every Monday, we check in by online form and email. I review your food, life + sobriety journal, answer questions, and offer personalized feedback, homework and support. Together with the coaching calls, these check-ins provide caring accountability to help you:
  • Stay the course with sobriety
  • Implement new changes
  • Turn resolutions into habits
  • Navigate social situations and other tricky spots

If you live in the United States, I may prescribe herbal medicines and supplements. This can be an excellent support when repairing and nourishing body and mind, easing anxiety, and reducing cravings. (The cost of these is not included in the package price, but I'll work with you to fit your budget.)

  • $150 value
  • Life Design Workbook
  • Sobriety Look Book
  • Boundary Booklet
  • Book of Firsts
  • Anxiety Toolbox
  • Daily Routine sheets
  • Recovery + Remembrance prompts
  • Eating + Recovery module
  • Pocket Protector intentions and mantras
  • Recovery Piggy Bank
  • Little Black Book of resources

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Sobriety Kit + Recovery Journal Access


I'm in another recovery or aftercare program. Is coaching for me?

Yes! Coaching can supplement and complement other recovery and sobriety work. Depending on what you most need, we might also explore aspects missing from other programs, including deep-rooted patterns + beliefs, eating + recovery, food as medicine, emotional sobriety, relationships in recovery, lifestyle design, and holistic health (just to name a few!).

Having one-on-one support and accountability makes a world of difference when it comes to getting and sustaining results.

I attend AA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, AC.E/TSS, or other meetings. Is coaching for me?

Yes! Again, the Coaching Package is designed to supplement and complement other recovery and sobriety work. We'll explore issues often missing from other programs. You'll also learn practices you can do at home, with an emphasis on crafting a life you love (not "just" staying sober).

I can't emphasize enough what a difference it makes to have sustained, personalized support and accountability. It's a game changer.

I'm sober curious or just exploring sobriety. Is this for me?

Yes! Coaching is a beautiful, powerful way to explore habits and patterns...and to move towards healthy, supportive choices + life design. We may also address unhelpful eating patterns (such as sugar addiction, overeating, emotional eating, and eating disorders), relationship issues (boundaries, for instance), and intentional living. This holistic work encompasses body, mind and spirit. It will support your exploration of sobriety, whatever path you ultimately choose.

I've been sober for a while. Is this for me?

Yes! There's always another layer or place to explore in sobriety and, well...life! The Coaching Package delves into body, mind and spirit work. It also offers support for designing a life you love...and addresses things that may have been put on the back burner while focusing on getting sober.

I'm not sober...but this sounds perfect for me! Is it?

Could be! The Coaching Package is a fit for anyone eager to explore habits + patterns, feel healthier, and design a life they love. We'll focus on what you most need. Plus, as humans, we're all recovering from something.

I'm struggling with alcohol. Will this help me get and stay sober?

So glad you're here! Huge shoutout in recognition, from my heart. The Coaching Package can absolutely help you get and stay sober. That said, it is NOT focused on the work of giving up alcohol. It's more about what comes after (or alongside) that process. It will likely make the rest way easier. 

Is coaching a replacement for therapy or medical treatment?

No. But it will absolutely enrich and complement them. If you are working with a health condition, please see a licensed health practitioner. If you'd like to make an individual appointment with me, as a licensed Doctor of Chinese Medicine, we can discuss that as part of coaching work.

I don't identify as a woman. Is this still for me?

Huge yes. You are 1000 percent welcome here. This also goes for anyone who's working their sobriety their own way. As someone who identifies as queer, I cannot state my commitment to inclusivity strongly enough. All people and all shades of sober are welcome!

How does it work?

After you purchase the Coaching Package, we'll schedule a 45-minute launch session. I'll also send you a link to an online assessment to complete beforehand. This will help you and I know where you are...and where you want to be. During your launch session, we'll schedule your first 30-minute monthly session. You get three of these in total, one for each month of the package.

After the launch session, I'll send you a personalized Plan of Your Next Steps. This includes reflective exercises as well as practical action steps, plus any instructions on keeping a food, life + sobriety journal. It will also list herbal or supplement recommendations if you're interested in that aspect and live in the United States. (I can have herbs and supplements drop-shipped to you directly.)

Each Friday, you'll receive an email taking you to a weekly check-in form. You'll fill this out by Monday, noon Pacific, and I'll respond with personalized feedback, homework and support. 

You also get the entire Sobriety Kit + Recovery Journal at sign-up. This offers plenty of extra work (and play!) to do between sessions.

Do you offer refunds if coaching doesn't meet my expectations?

We do not offer refunds on the Coaching Package. If you're unsure whether it's a fit for you, I recommend signing up for the Deep Dive first. If you're unsatisfied with your first Deep Dive session, you may request a partial refund for that offering. 

Do you offer discounts for longer-term work?

Yes! So glad you asked! You may sign on for a 6- or 12-month Coaching Package at reduced rates:
  • $1650 for 6 months (Save $25/month)
  • $2400 for 12 months (Save $100/month)
Payment plans do not apply. The $900 at sign-up is considered your downpayment; you will receive an invoice for the remainder, payable by PayPal or credit card. If you'd like to invest in a 6- or 12-month package, please let me know before your launch session.

Truthfully, this larger container of time is So. Worth. It. Getting to where we are with relationships, beliefs, lifestyle, and eating took decades! Investing in 
one year of focused, supported change efforts is life changing.

I'm in! Where do I sign up?

Click the button up top, righthand corner! After purchase, you can expect a personal Welcome + Next Steps email within 24 hours (often much sooner). Looking forward to meeting you!


Dana is nonjudgmental and open to adjusting to what the client needs rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach. She also calls one out on their stuff without shaming or blaming. Once I made the commitment to be open to the process and to choose the foods I knew my body was wanting, I also chose to continue the coaching relationship because: 1. I have a lot of weight to lose to get to the goals I want for the next decade of living, 2. I know I will sabotage myself until I get through my old gaming patterns. Having a coach keeps me honest while supporting my choices and my vision for what's next. 
Lynn S.
I procrastinated in setting up a consultation for some time. It was actually the testimonials of my yoga students (also clients of Dana) that got me to pull the trigger. After working with Dana, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of adjusting to this new way of eating and preparing food. I love the way I feel eating this way. I have better digestion. Far better! My skin looks the best it has ever looked. I'm FULL and satiated all day. I no longer find myself snacking between meals. I thought the battle with sugar could only be won through willpower. The fullness I feel from eating the right fats has stopped cravings for sugar altogether.
Jodi P.
For me, this whole process was about integration. I wanted to take eating healthy and exercise from hard, exhausting and unsustainable to easy, simple and nourishing, requiring little thought or energy to make it happen. That's exactly what happened. The shift is radical and dramatic. I feel the effects every day. And I have finally stopped trying to eat well and move my body – now, I just do it. And I honestly love it. It's the integration that made all the difference for me – and Dana brought it into my life in a clear, supportive and sustainable way like no one else ever has.
Steve M.
Dana, you have changed my relationship to food. I was a bit hesitant about spending money on a coach. But I'm really glad I made the investment in myself to really address my issues around sugar cravings and binge eating. Through working with you, I've gotten control over food cravings and habits that weren't serving me, and have been building a simpler, more intuitive way of eating that changes with the seasons. I've also found that the mindful approach you teach has carried into other areas of my life, including relationships, time management, tidying, and budgeting. Working with you for the past 3 months has been transformative.
Erin W.
Dr. Dana, I cannot thank you enough for all you have helped me with. I have had a chronic sweet tooth my whole life. I lived for sweets! This is truly the first time in my life I'm not craving them! The support I received from you is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Every area was discussed, not just a few symptoms. As I learned, such symptoms are usually part of something bigger. You are a very attentive listener and gifted with providing solutions. Not only will this make me a better, healthier person, but a better, more focused personal trainer!
Nicole E.
My primary goal was to address the desire to feel nourished in my life. This has been accomplished in the sphere of eating – and eating to nourish rather than to fill. I now have the support and skills to do this and to nourish myself. Dana considered my concerns and responded to them. She did not come across as prescriptive. I've "failed" lots of naturopathic practitioners' programs because they were too much of a leap for me. They looked at an ideal and expected me to fit it. Dana took things step-by-step and I have a sense of success. No step required me to stretch too far that I fell.
Shulamit B.
I've received all kinds of compliments about how toned (and hot) I look:). Although I do not want to tether myself to external forms of motivation, it is nice to get that outside affirmation. Also, I went shopping for a business suit for my upcoming interview (woot woot!) and am down to size 2. The last time I was this size, I was anorexic and food was the enemy. Now I am healthy, strong and satisfied, and food is delicious fuel for my body. What an amazing shift!
Christina P.
Honestly, I was very skeptical. OMG! I don't know where to start. This whole experience has been life-changing. I never thought I would be able to give up sugar. I thought I was just too old to really change my eating habits and curb my cravings. I've never really experienced such a change in the way I eat so dramatically, so quickly, and with such positive feedback with alternatives that really work. Thank you!
Marci C.
Back to being badass.  We're in a global crisis. I had a couple of weeks of feeling pretty anxious. But this time I feel like I had a really good toolkit to deal with everything. I was able to recognize and manage my eating patterns to avoid anxiety weight-loss and the rebound stress eating. And now I'm feeling like it's time to get back to business.  
Erin W.
Instead of feeling like I'm completely isolated and unable to cope during COVID, I am using the strategies we've worked on. Our work together over the past year and a half has really prepared me to get through the coronavirus. I wouldn't have been equipped to do what I've done without all the effort I've put in (with your help:). I haven't fallen into the depression and anxiety hole, which would have been a real danger for me, given what's happening worldwide and with us stuck at home and the kids' school year being cancelled. This is the motivation I needed to help me spend the next few months continuing to focus on all I'm doing.
Morgan S.
It is so amazing the impact of our work together. I have worked with many coaches, and this is the first time I have had so many a-ha moments. Your style and energy just resonate so much with me. Thank you for being an amazing mentor!
Kristine C.
The suggestions, resources and advice were invaluable. Dana's words of wisdom and ability to support a person halfway across the world are so worthwhile.
Janice F.